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The Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has a vast variety of waves – from world-class Playa Hermosa to fun Reef in Esterillos Oeste – there is something for every level of surfer!

El Pico

“El Pico” is located right in front of the hotel. When this hollow beach point break is going of its often compared to Trestles.

The Reef

The Reef is one of the softest waves in the area, it is perfect for long boarders or begginer surfers transitioning from white water waves to open faces

Outer Reef

Outer reef sits just a couple 100 feet deeper from the The Reef, The wave is similar to the reef whoever they are a little steeper and can get bigger.

Bus Stop

The bus stop is where the most amount of surfers go. Here you can find a little of everything as the wave provides step and fat sections.

Casa del Sol

Casa del Sol is our place to go when it rains a lot or after big swells. The sand banks that build up will deliver some fun walls to play with.

Secret Spot

Wont give to many details about this place but you are in for a treat.